A selection of media available online (for a full list of outreach and engagement activities, see CV):

Popular writings
• 2017. Article in Aeon magazine with Philip Gerrans: Model Hallucinations.

• 2021. Interviewed by Shayla Love for Vice magazine feature: Do Psychedelics Just Provide Comforting Delusions?
• 2021. Interviewed by Richard Brown for Consciousness Live! podcast S3 Ep25.
• 2017. Interviewed by Lindsay Jordan and Richard Marshall for 3AM magazine: Psychedelics and Philosophy.

Blog posts
• 2019. Symposium on ego dissolution at the Brains Blog, with Philip Gerrans.
• 2017. Post on psychedelics and self-binding at the Imperfect Cognitions blog.
• 2014. Post on epistemic innocence at the Imperfect Cognitions blog.